She may look ordinary, but she possesses extraordinary character. Also known as your SOTHYS Skincare Solution Specialist, each SOTHYS Girl wears a Golden Badge proudly on her regal uniform. It’s a sign of her commitment to service excellence and her deep skincare knowledge that enables her to prescribe the best of SOTHYS home care products to perfect your beauty routine.


A world of highly refined emotions and sensuality. A legendary name that represents excellence and prestige in beauty institutes all over the world. SOTHYS stands out with its extraordinary commitment to research and innovation, claiming its place as the peerless avant garde beauty expert. Our high standards of perfection and our quest for absolute beauty in women and men, through well-being and effectiveness, has continued for over 70 years.


Featuring the sophisticated Digi-EsthetiqueTM massage technique, done 100% by hand, the SOTHYS Institute Treatment is an unforgettable sensory experience. Beauty is about the total harmony of mind and body. Rhythmic movements specifically enable clients to slip into a deep state of relaxation, activating their energy meridians, improving circulation and draining bodily toxins through the lymphatic system. When performed together with SOTHYS Institute Treatments, the synergistic effects of Digi-EsthetiqueTM further amplifies treatment results by up to 4 times!


I’ve had acne and skin redness problem since I was a teenager, but after using SOTHYS, my skin is significantly smoother and brighter!

Elizabeth M. Edwin


It’s been 5 years since I used SOTHYS, proud to say that there is no regret! Promising results, consistent product quality and trusted recommendations from Sothys team. I love going out without makeup and yet still confident as I have many times been told I look much younger than my actual age, thank God I have found such a good brand!

Erica Teong

Quality Assurance Manager

If you need a range of products specifically for sensitive & fragile skin, then look no further than SOTHYS. The tailored maintenance programme keep my wrinkles at bay and oh did I mention SOTHYS saved my sun damaged skin too!

Grant Palmer

Human Resources Professional

I love taking group photo in old schoolmate gatherings, because my 3 children will comment “Mum, you look the best”. I look too young for my age! The hydrating serum and anti-aging suncare is my must-haves!

Madam Koh Yim Meng


I never imagined that my random search online would lead me to Sothys and transform my skin and self-confidence. What keeps me faithful to the brand is the excellent service provided by my therapist who is at my beck and call whenever I need her.



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Own a Retail or Salon

Good work culture builds great people. When entrepreneur Nicole Lee was let down by a trusted business partner, little did she know that she could count on SOTHYS to stick with her through the tough times. Watch the video to see more #womenempowered