2018 Autumn-Winter Edition

Vanilla-Passion Fruit Mineral Oxygenating Treatment

Every day our skin are fighting with daily aggression from work stress to unhealthy lifestyle, imbalance diet, environmental pollution and so on; it causes our skin being asphyxiated by the toxins. And when our skin cell no longer regenerate, it appears dull and weak. This year SOTHYS 2018 Autumn-Winter Edition brings you a dose of multi-function anti-toxin complex and minerals to boost your skin’s defense system, unveiling to you a facial treatment with delicious notes of vanilla and passion fruits, for energized and toned skin!

Treatment key-product highlight as below:

2-in-1 Mask Exfoliant

  • Objective: Exfoliant containing grains to remove surface impurities from the skin. Used as a mask, this soft and creamy paste is a source of oxygen for the skin. Restores softness and radiance of the skin.
  • Key Ingredients:

Vanilla Extract antioxidant

Pink Clay purifying, oxygenating, re-mineralizing and detoxifying

Exfoliating plant grains (grain of rice) mechanical exfoliation

Oxy-mineral Radiance Treatment

  • Objective: Oxygenating and achieve skin balance
  • Key Ingredients:

Passion fruit Extract antioxidant and protective

Complex of multifunctional antitoxins (phytoplanktonyeast and polyphenol) Reactivates an exceptional cell regeneration, cells are better oxygenated and the skin breathes better

Cocktail of minerals (Mg, Cu, Zn, Ca) Acts against cellular tiredness: vitalises and stimulates cellular defence and repairs.

Modelling Cream with Vanilla Extract

  • Objective: Enveloping cream for a delicate modelling
  • Key Ingredients:

Vanilla Extract antioxidant

Shea Butter Regenerating and nourishing

Peel-off Mask with Passion Fruit Extract

  • Objective: Peel-off mask <second skin effect>
  • Key Ingredients:

Passion Fruit Extract antioxidant and protective

Combination of diatomaceous earth and alginate favours the diffusion of active substances


1 hour 30 minutes

Skin Type:

Suitable for all skin types

Normal Price: RM 290

First Trial: RM 199