Youth Intensive Treatment

YOUTH is the time of life.

What would you do differently if you were 6 years younger?

An overview of this ultra sophisticated treatment:

βP3. Tri-complex™

The essence of nature at the cutting-edge of cosmetic science and technology

Power duo botanical actives

Fight oxidative stress and chronological ageing.

Ultra-targeted procedures

Combat wrinkles and slackened skin


With Dermo-Filling and Dermo-Lifting active ingredients

Proven Efficiency

Wrinkles are smoother by 51% and firmness in increased by 50%*


Essential acupressure modelling for a highly efficient product penetration


  • Thorough Skin Diagnosis and Deep Cleansing
  • Pre-exfoliating Lotion and Renewal Exfoliating Paste 
  • Wrinkle and Lifting Zone Serum
  • Toning Modelling Balm with Digi-Esthétique® 
  • Dermo-Filling and Lifting Mask
  • All NEW Youth Cream