Have you ever dreamed of taking the reins of a business and building it from the ground up?

SOTHYS collaborates with independent business owners like you to expand your horizons. Searching endlessly throughout the world for passionate individuals such as yourself, we give you the chance to start up a SOTHYS Retail Store or a SOTHYS Premium Salon as a qualified industry expert.


Our history of excellence, established presence in Malaysia and strong branding identity has garnered wide media exposure and public knowledge of the SOTHYS brand. Our standing as one of the best beauty brands in Malaysia translates to a high walk-in and a return of investment within one year. We have achieved many success stories and soon, you too can start running your own Retail Store or Premium Salon as our esteemed SOTHYS partner.

If you are passionate about making your mark in the beauty industry, talk to us at SOTHYS and together, we can build your dream business.


Business Overview

Own Your Dream

Step up and claim your retail aspirations by opening your own licensed SOTHYS Retail Store. Our Retail Stores are open spaces within shopping malls where women can explore and try out a veritable garden of SOTHYS products on display. The outlet is aimed at serving the up-and-coming demographic of women aged between 20 – 35, strongly independent young women who prefer to try out the products on their own. The Retail Store is envisioned as a space where the young ladies can flit in and out with ease, letting them touch, smell, and play with the SOTHYS products. An innovative and immersive experience, Retail Stores are a perfect way for business owners to showcase the SOTHYS product line while providing interaction with customers in a relaxed, open, and comfortable setting.

Build Your Dream

Every aspect of running your own business is in your hands, from recruiting your own set of staff to customising the positioning of products to your own business strategy. On our end, we help you build a solid foundation for your business with training provided for your staff to become Beauty Solution Specialists, and we also grow your reach by coming up with regional marketing plans across the country.

Expand Your Dream

From your humble Retail Store, expand your influence with confident marketing campaigns, customisable discounts and promos, and follow ups with satisfied customers. By nurturing genuine rapport with your customers, you will build a dedicated clientbase upon which your business will thrive. As you see your business grow, you can consider opening a second outlet, or you might even want to try your hand at running a Premium Salon. Being a SOTHYS partner is immensely rewarding, and our many success stories speak for themselves.


Contact partnership@sothys.com.my or 03 6207 8801 for enquiries.

Good work culture builds great people. When entrepreneur Nicole Lee was let down by a trusted business partner, little did she know that she could count on SOTHYS to stick with her through the tough times. Watch the video to see more #womenempowered